Health & Safety

A1 Health and Safety offers workable systems and training to ensure your company is safe in today’s claim culture. We provide a comprehensive and fully supportive 'hands on' service to the employer.

Why contract out? The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the EU 'Six Pack' Legislation 1992 governs the Health and Safety requirements for all companies and compliance is a legal must. A1 Health and Safety will apply the ramifications of the legislation to your company, prepare a Health and Safety policy, define the procedures and implement them to the best effect of the company. In addition we will install all the necessary documentation, records and monitoring programs in order to enable you to simply and effectively administrate Health and Safety on a continuous basis. We help you communicate all of the systems from the boardroom through to the grass roots of the company.

Through effective and tailored training courses, we supply your company with a can do attitude. We will work with your management and employees and also liaise on your behalf with all the relevant Health and Safety authorities. Our responsibilities also include the investigation of any serious incidents, and the acting of an expert witness in the case of a claim.

A1 Health and Safety Credentials

All our Health & Safety Consultants are full time employees of A1 Health and Safety. All Consultants are highly qualified, experienced and fully trained professionals. We offer complete peace of mind that all health and safety issues are being managed professionally. Our services will have a positive impact on your costs relating to manpower and resources. Our policy is to 'keep health and safety simple'. We provide concise information in a user-friendly form.

Benefits of Contracting Out

  • Highly cost effective

  • Saves on managerial time

  • Reduces in-house staff requirements

  • Up to date Health and Safety expertise

  • Optimises employee welfare

  • Compliance with the legislation

  • Safeguard against possible legal action