A1 Health and Safety’s objective is to create a constantly evolving culture of health and safety for its clients taking into account “best practice”, changing commitments, management style and ongoing strategy involving directors, management and staff. We commit our resources and expertise to achieving this and providing your company with a proactive health and safety programme.

A1 Health and Safety can;

  • Supervise every aspect of your corporate health and safety requirements.

  • All inspections and audits will be completed whenever necessary.

  • The inspection is very comprehensive and is undertaken by a qualified health and safety practitioner.

  • Specific training is geared to your needs.

  • We will manage all of the administration and documentation you may require, thereby leaving you to do what you do best.

  • On-going quarterly reviews and management action plan (as required)

  • General risk assessment review (specific risk assessments normally associated with machinery etc are not included although training is provided).

  • All DSE assessments undertaken.

  • Creation of health and safety policies and procedures manual.

  • Documentation – policy document, procedures, accident reporting etc.

  • Any necessary training - fire safety, manual handling.

  • Educational booklets, posters and training videos.

  • Communicate health and safety policy to staff.

  • Re-inspections and management reviews

  • Accident investigations.

  • Liaison with enforcement authorities.

  • Fulfill all the requirements for CHAS, Constructionline and Safecontractor accreditation

  • Health & Safety Audit

    The audit will commence with an initial visit from a Consultant. This will involve;

  • A full review with your senior people of your existing systems and documentation.

  • Discussing proposals for delegating responsibilities to other staff members.

  • Identifying any special concerns or queries that you or your staff may have, particularly concerning potentially dangerous situations.

  • Health & Safety Inspection

    A thorough premises inspection will follow the audit. This will cover:

  • An in depth tour of your premises investigating every aspect of health and safety. This will involve short discussions with staff members in various departments and job functions. Any concerns will be noted and recorded.

  • An evaluation of how your health and safety procedures measure up to the legal requirements.

  • Review Meeting of Audit and Action Plan

    Our Consultant will revisit after all audits, risk assessments, and present the report to discuss what further action may be required relating to:

  • Control systems and how staff should implement them.

  • Training requirements.

  • Discuss findings of the risk assessments and remedial action.

  • Provide guidance and Action Plan.

  • Prioritise elements of Safety Plan and suggested improvements.

  • Accident Investigation / Enforcement Officer Visit

    In the event of a serious accident and/or a visit from an enforcing authority, an A1 Health and Safety Consultant will visit (on request) to act on your behalf.

    General Risk Assessments

    The initial audit will incorporate a full inspection of your premises and highlight those areas in need of a specific risk assessment and assign priorities to each one. Every aspect of health and safety will be addressed.

    Subjects covered will include:

  • Accidents & First Aid

  • Cleaning

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Display Screen Equipment

  • Electrical Installation

  • Fire Safety

  • Floors & Traffic Routes

  • Hazardous Substances/COSHH

  • Health & Safety Signs

  • Manual Handling

  • Movement of Goods

  • Noise

  • Personnel

  • Protective Equipment

  • Potential Danger

  • Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Statutory Signage

  • Waste Management

  • Welfare Facilities

  • Work Equipment

  • Workplace Environment

  • The above will be presented to you in the form of a comprehensive Risk Assessment Manual, this is divided into easy to use sections.

    Specific Risk Assessments

    We will carry out job related specific risk assessments in all types of environments for clients where they are deemed necessary. These cover:

  • Accidents & First Aid

  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

  • Fire Safety

  • Health and Safety Signs

  • Manual Handling

  • Work Equipment

  • Specific risk assessments that are normally associated with COSHH, industrial environments, machinery, work equipment etc are included, however it may be cost effective for you to train a member of staff in the process, if this is the case, we will guide you through the risk assessment process through appropriate training and hands on assistance where necessary.

    We will monitor the progress once the specific risk assessments have been carried out.

    Legislation Updates

    A1 Health and Safety will advise our clients of any amendments to Health and Safety Legislation that may be relevant to them, together with general health and safety information.


    A1 Health and Safety’s clients are entitled to contact our Consultants at any time regarding any health and safety related matter for advice and guidance.