Training Courses

We offer several courses from "Fire Awareness" courses to "Fire Marshalling" and Manual Handling Courses.

Our courses are tailored to your specific requirements, if you want a mix of courses we can supply this. All courses contain relevant support information in the form of guide booklets, assessment forms, training information, certification etc. Our trainers are professional, friendly and able to get what can be described as a boring subject across in a refreshing manner.

Fire Warden Training

  • Warden fire extinguisher training.

  • Role of Fire Warden.

  • Fire Safety arrangements.

  • Objectives of developing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive fire safety plan.

  • Fire Safety

  • Theory of combustion.

  • Limitations of fire extinguishers/safe usage.

  • Colour coding of fire extinguishers.

  • Classes of fire and use of appropriate extinguisher type.

  • In-house fire safety plan.

  • Manual Handling

  • Principles of kinetic handling

  • Common manual handling injuries.

  • Causes of back pain.

  • Body posture.

  • Body movement rules.

  • Good handling techniques.

  • Key factors for correct lifting.

  • Manual Handling Guide booklets.