A1 Health and Safety Ltd undertake a variety of workplace inspections including:

General Safety Inspections – the requirement for these may be written into safe systems of work or specified in other policies and procedures. They look at the overall state of health and safety in the entire workplace.

Workplace Safety Inspections – a formal inspection of an area or department checking on hazards and the safety measures in place. This will include observation on maintenance and condition of the workplace, compliance with safe systems of work, housekeeping, warning signs, fire precautions, guarding or barriers and the use of PPE.

Safety Surveys – these are narrower but more in-depth examinations of specific issues or procedures. Often implemented when new machinery or processes are to be introduced.

Safety Sampling – an organised system of regular random sampling with an aim to measure the attitude of the organisation and employees towards health and safety. It is the systematic recording of hazardous situations within a workplace or site.


We will look at your current health and safety regime along with all relevant history and records. We will talk with key personnel and observe ways of working over a period of time at compliance. Audits often show how strong the health and safety culture is within an organisation and highlights areas where deficiencies have been identified.

A comprehensive audit report will be produced that can be used as a good starting point to take health and safety to the next level.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are the fundamental activity that underpins the UK’s health and safety legislation for the workplace. Employers need to undertake risk assessments that are both ‘suitable and sufficient’ in order to identify and address all the significant risks to the health and safety of their employees and to other people who may come into contact with the business or organisation.

A1 Health and Safety Ltd can identify your workplace hazards, discuss potential solutions and control methods with you and then prepare all the necessary documentation to enable you to fully comply with all current legislation.


All organisations need procedures. Identified through risk assessment and every workplace will have numerous safety requirements that require written procedures to inform employees how to behave or respond to certain Health & Safety situations.

A1 Health and Safety Ltd has over 25 years’ experience in writing bespoke procedures across many industries and will formulate your documents quickly, efficiently and so that they will be understood.


Legislation places all employers under a general duty to have a health and safety policy and it needs to be a comprehensive statement of the way in which health and safety is implemented in the organisation. A compliant policy should contain a statement of intent, an outline of the organisation with allocated duties, roles and responsibilities and details of the arrangements and procedures that are in place to ensure compliance with the legislation and regulations. If the organisation has five or more employees there is also a requirement for this health and safety policy to be in writing.

Our consultant will discuss with you on how your business is structured, your activities, key responsibilities and essential personnel before quickly and efficiently drafting your tailored comprehensive health and safety policy.

See how A1 Health and Safety can help you!

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Gary Johns, Health & Safety Consultant with over 25 years experience in assisting varying and numerous industries UK wide to not only meet their legal obligations but to stand out among their peers. I take away the worry and the hard work involved in implementing the Health and Safety systems to allow my clients to concentrate on running their businesses. All systems are tailored to suit the clients requirements.

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